CiderWebmail 1.03 released


Today we have the joy of being able to announce the release of CiderWebmail version 1.03. Mathias has done great work on reworking our MIME handling, so CiderWebmail should now be able to render any text and HTML email if at all possible. It seems like our character set handling exceeds even many desktop mailing programs.

Speaking of which - by shamelessly copying from kmail's user interface, even a programmer like me can make a webmail that's looking quite nice. Other user interface improvements include loading more messages as one is scrolling through the message list and being able to resize the navigational area and message list. We now have much more keyboard bindings, so the common moving through the message list, moving, deleting and replying or forwarding to messages is now completely covered.

As always, more information and more features can be found in the changelog. Please try CiderWebmail (perhaps using our test installation) and tell us how you like it and what you think can be improved. If you want to join our development team, there are already plenty of tasks in any size available. Help would be very appreciated in all areas like design, documentation, packaging or programming.

CiderWebmail 1.02 released


Today we released CiderWebmail 1.02. For this release the focus was strongly on reliability and bug fixing. We expanded our test suite to cover 85% of the code and all use cases and on the way fixed quite a few bugs. Two noticeable improvements are:

  • Closing of IMAP connections at the end of a request which should reduce the amount of open connections considerable.
  • Not loading a folder tree for every request when it's not needed. That lead to very nice speed increase.

Due to this development we can now in good conscience recommend CiderWebmail for production use as we're using it ourselves.

For the next release we want to further increase our test suite coverage but also slowly shift our focus back to the feature side, especially user interface niceness.

CiderWebmail 1.01 released


Yesterday I released the long overdue CiderWebmail 1.01. In addition to the usual bugfixes it brings a couple of nice features:

Incremental message loading is now finished and active. It's a step on the way to on demand message loading and already a very nice improvement in handling folders with a couple of thousand messages. It will display something as soon as the first few hundred message headers are loaded and loading the rest in the background. If you sort your mails by date with newest on top (just click on the "Date" column header), this should give you the most interesting messages immediately.

The message state (new/read/replied/forwarded) is now displayed using different icons.

We now have keyboard shortcuts for navigating through the message list:

  • Cursor left goes to the previous message.
  • Cursor right goes to the next message
  • 'm' moves the message to a different folder (selector is displayed)

Forwarded messages as attachments (like CiderWebmail does it) can be used directly now. One can reply to or forward the attached message

We now render ICal attachments (like meeting invitations)

And last but not least, we switched to using form based login, instead of relying on HTTP basic auth. This makes logout completely reliable on all browsers and allows nice customization of the login screen, maybe with explanations on how to recover lost passwords.

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